Propaganda- techniques used to influence opinions,emotions, attitudes, or behavior.

Recognizing propaganda techniques:

  • Bandwagon- persuasive technique that invites you to join the crowd; everybody's doing it; often uses weasel words
  • Testimonial - statement endorsing an idea/product by a prominent person such as musical artists; sports giants;actors/actresses
  • Snob Appeal - aims to flatter; makes assumption that this product is better than others; "Avant Garde" ahead of the times
  • Plain Folks - opposite of Snob Appeal; identifies products/ideas with a locality or country; practical product for ordinary people
  • Patriotism - appeals to peoples' feelings of patriotism
  • Evidence Claims - facts and figures/statistics to prove superiority; magic ingredients/ suggest something miraculous; hidden fears
  • Glittering Generalization - weasel words used; statement jumps from some to all; falsely attractive; often used by politicians
  • Slogan - a catch word or phrase loaded with emotion; often sells through repetition; clever/ easy to remember/melody
  • Name Calling - a way of smearing an opponent; intent is to damage opponent; used to create an uneasy feeling; used by politicians
  • Loaded Language- uses words with strongly positive and/or negative meaning
  • Product Placement- uses brand name products as part of the scenery

Weasel words- modifies that look substantial but are meaningless/makes an audience believe in something or want to do something.